Start an Online Home Design Project with Us – How It Works


Whether it is a new build or a remodel, building a home is a lot of work. No matter where you are, we are here to help you to navigate home design and planning processes and/or prepare a home plan for you, so that your home building journey would be an enjoyable experience.

We have various home design, drawing and documentation packages for different types of residential projects. You can customize / personalize each package to suit your needs on a particular stage of your home project, as well as your project budget and milestones.


01. Selecting a Design Package:

Custom home design is usually for new build projects. It is a package where we will design your project from scratch. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our pre-designed home plan collections, either the original design or with modifications. 

We also offer other partial packages for home remodel, interior design, exterior design, etc. 


02. Defining Your Requirements

  • Building Type: Please let us know the building type of your project, e.g. Single family house, Multi-family house, Accessory Dwelling Unit / Granny Pod / Guest House / Barn, or Condominium / Apartment / TownHouse (or other commercial projects with multiple-use license).
  • Building Specifications: The next step is defining what you are looking to achieve, e.g.: style that you love, the size (in sqm or sq ft), how many rooms your family needs, the number of stories you are planning to build, etc. Please tell us as much as possible how you visualize your future home. Feel free to share images or sketches that can help us to understand your needs better.
  • Site Info: Please share with us some information about the site and, if any, local building codes that we should comply with, e.g. project location (address would be great so we can study the surrounding environment through google map), site area, site plan (survey and topographic map), permissible built-up, coverage areas, building setbacks, and maximum building heights (if any). 
  • Timeline: In many cases, timing is crucial. We would like to know if there are certain milestones you are planning to achieve, e.g. when you must start the construction, if you have an appointment with a permit reviewer soon, if you need to move in soon, etc. 
  • Other defining requirements or information, if any.


03. Placing an Order to get our Fee Proposal

Once you have your initial design brief and would like to get our design fee estimates for a start, please simply send all of the information to us via email to leneurbanity [at] or please fill out one of these forms:

Custom Home Design Form

House Plans Order Form

We’ll study your requests and reply within 1-3 business days.


04. Clarification / Q&A,  Order Confirmation Prior to Starting the Project

We will always prepare and send a formal Fee Proposal for your review and approval before starting the project. During this process, we will ensure that we comprehensively understand all of your requirements. In this stage, you are free to ask us anything, and to check that you are ordering the right package and drawing list. 

In the Fee Proposal that you will receive, we will define the scope of works / services, the turnaround time, list of drawings / deliverables, the type of license you will get, our general Terms and Conditions, as well as the associated fees and payment terms that we estimate based on the given initial brief.


05. Kick Start the Project & Get a House Plan Soon 

Once you approve our Proposal, we will start designing, visualizing your dream home, and preparing the House Plan drawings. Roughly, the standard processes would be as follows:

  1. Schematic / Initial Design Stage: Prior to the work, please provide us with a more comprehensive design brief / detailed information related to your project. Depending on the scale of your project and the workload, normally you will receive the first set of drawings in the first 2-3 weeks. The turnaround time is generally shorter for Pre-Designed House Plan packages.
  2. Design Refinement Stage: After you receive the first set of drawings, feel free to explore the design and give comments in case you need a revision. Our turnaround time is 1-2 week per revision round.  
  3. Final Design Stage: Once you are happy with the schematic house plan, we will ask you if we can freeze the design and start preparing the final House Plan drawings. The turnaround time for preparing the final House Plan after Design Freeze is around 1-2 weeks. 

(We will define the specific timeline and turnaround time for your particular project in our Proposal)



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