Clustering of Firms


Abstract: How urban firm or corporation clusters are geographically derived regarding the firms’ corporate culture? What are the dominant forces that drive this clustering of firms phenomenon? To answer that […]

Kuningan Place


Project Architect & Senior Design Architect for Denton Corker Marshall Jakarta (2006 – 2009) Project type: Apartment & Commercial Architecture Location: Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia Site area: 7,000 sqm; Gross floor area: 45,000 sqm; Floors: 28 storeys + […]

Marine Archaeological Museum


Principal Architect (2004 – 2005) Project type: Public Architecture Location: Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta, Indonesia Site area: 4.7 Ha; Gross floor area: 37,500 sqm; Floors: 4 storeys + 2 basements Project status: Conceptual design Award / commendation: 1st Award in 57th Public […]