Starter Kit Package

If you are interested in purchasing our Starter Kit(s) before buying the house plans and would like to get a quote, please fill out this order request form. After receiving your form, we will contact you via email in 3 – 5 business days to confirm your order.

A Starter Kit Set contains schematic architectural drawings / conceptual set of the original design (no design modifications), in non vector .PDF format for initial study purposes. The set includes floor plans, roof plan, 4-side elevations, and building sections at a smaller scale (A3 or ANSI B paper size). The schematic drawings come with dimensions / room sizes, room annotations, basic area calculations, etc, so it will be useful if you want to know more about the design prior to buying the House Plan Packages (especially if you want to make changes).

The price of this set will also cover our initial design consultation fees (via emails), in case you want to proceed with the plans and need to discuss the details with us. You will receive a formal quote / Fee Proposal at the end of the process, and if you decide to purchase / upgrade to the Original House Plan package within 30 days from the date of a Starter Kit Package payment, you are eligible for a discount equal to the price of the starter kit, deducted from the Basic Set fee. However, this discount does not apply to the Modified House Plan package (if you require to modify the plans / customize the design) or if you would like to purchase different plans.


Important Notice:

Prior to contacting us, please read our How It Works page and check our price list here:

Price List & Design Fees

Please do ask for proposals only if you are ready to order one of our packages and able to provide us with a comprehensive design brief or information. Due to our time constraints, we are focusing only on well-defined project briefs. If our system identifies conflicting information or unspecified requests, we may not be able to process or prioritize your enquiries.


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