Architectural Services & Products

01 Consultation & Design Services

Building a home or an architectural project is a lot of work. We would like to help you exploring and visualizing your ideas, planning the project prior to building and/or renovating, and support you during permit and development stage. We will assist you to navigate the planning and design processes, and turn you ideas into reality in a more enjoyable, efficient, and affordable way.

We offer integrated services from conceptual to design development and detailing stages. We also generate house drawings / plan sets / blueprints, which you can use for permit submission or engaging a local builder / contractor.

Our pre-designed house plan templates are also available for purchase, either the original design or with modification services. Please browse our Archistock collections for more details.

We also welcome our clients who want to engage us for different purposes, e.g. feasibility study prior to purchasing a plot of land or selling a property, home improvement or renovation, concept design / master planning for a new build, facade / exterior building design, or 3D modelling and renderings to explore the initial sense of their first home / hospitality / commercial projects.


02 Samples of Architectural Drawings / Plans  

The below drawings are our work samples to illustrate the quality of our typical House Plan / Architectural plans (ARCH-D size). If you order our house plan or custom design packages, we will generate a set of architectural plans of the same standard, in vector PDF and/or DWG format, as the end product of our services.

Important Notice: Please keep in mind that all of our plans, digital files, images, sketches and samples are protected by Copyright law, which you cannot use or distribute without our written consent or use license. We receive 2 levels of work protection: (1) for the design of the building as embodied in our drawings, sketches, or plans; and (2) for the architectural products themselves as the material form (online, digital & physical forms) or expressions of the ideas or concepts. Please refer to Title 17 of the United States Codes / Copyright Law, Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), Deutsches Urheberrecht (UrhG), and Copyright Act (Cap. 63) of Singapore, regarding this matter.


03 House Tour / Photos of Built Projects

Our clients share completed project / ongoing construction photos on voluntary basis. Due to privacy reasons, we do not and will never disclose the location details of our built projects, unless the completed projects have been listed publicly by the owners on the property market. 

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