About Us

ANK Studio is an architectural and interior design studio, specializing in house plans, custom residential and hospitality designs, with more than 16 years of experience in architecture and planning. 

The team was first founded in 2015 in Hamburg – Germany, to provide online design services to our international clients worldwide, which can be coordinated via online and digitally. In 2020, we founded another team, Archistock | Modern House Plans [Collab with Archistock.net], a startup that focuses on architectural digital products and plan templates.

We believe that architecture is the next archaic industry waiting to be disrupted. We envision that once the user interface of our BIM simulation software gets smarter, faster, cheaper, more integrated, and virtually realistic, AI will take care of everything and architects as creators can focus on design innovations and value-creation, optimizing their business models – and thus the whole industry will be able to deliver democratic and affordable high-quality designs to the people without borders.

More details about our services and the quality of our architectural drawings here.

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