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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our architectural services and products. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please visit our Enquiries page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A House Plan set is a technical architectural set (Design Development Drawing Set) - in PDF & DWG format (vector files), drawn at 1/4” = 1’; 1/8” = 1’ (imperial) or 1:50 ; 1:100 (metric) scale, printable on ARCH-D (24 x 36 in., imperial) or A1 (metric) size papers. To obtain a House Plan set from us, you will need to purchase a pre-designed House Plan Package (either the Original or Modified version) or order a Custom Home Design Package.
Our basic set will include: (a) Basic architectural drawing set: Floor Plans (including basic furniture and appliances layout); Roof Plan; 4-side Elevations; Sections. All drawings will have technical annotations, measurements, door window schedule, room area, material schedule, etc. (b) 3D renderings (in colors), showing the exterior and interior views of the design. (c) Non-Exclusive Personal Single Use License You can modify the list of drawings / drawing set and ask for additional services or licenses as per your requirements. Other technical drawings, such as site plan, foundation plan, reflected ceiling plans, electrical / wiring plans, and other architectural plans / details are available upon request at an additional cost.
A Starter Kit is a schematic set of the original design, in .PDF file format (non-vector files). The set includes floor plans, roof plan, 4-side elevations, and building sections at a smaller scale (A3 or ANSI B paper size). A Starter Kit is for study purposes only, as merely a decision-making or design tool. The drawings will come with measurements/sizes, room annotations, basic area calculation, etc, so you can review its feasibility, buildability, and permissibility. The price of this set will also cover our initial consultation fees. But it is not yet a technical plan set, and does not include our Use License, so it is illegal to build a home from the Starter Kit set. You will need to upgrade to the House Plan package if you want to get the Use License.
Archistock is a digital collection of our copyrighted architectural products or design templates. Archistock codes (e.g. #xxx-xxx) represent the identification numbers of our digital products. We are planning to launch a separate platform for this. We envision that we can build an AI-based online platform that can provide a disruptive, high quality, and democratic one-stop home design building solution at a reasonable price. Like Amazon or Netflix, but for architectural services.
We are a team of architects, designers, and planners. We are the creator of the original design and copyrighted plans. We provide 2D plans, 3D renders, and online design services as one package. Integrated design and planning are our strengths, and our pre-designed House Plans are flexible and modifiable. Our job is to deliver high-quality architectural design and plans that can be adjusted to your preferences, budget, and lot / plot of land. We have strong planning expertise due to our city planning and real estate / property development background. We are also techpreneurs, and we like to see our online studio grow to explore new innovations and various business models. That’s why we founded Archistock.
We are location-independent designers who can work and coordinate a project with you remotely. In the design process, we always provide you with digital materials / deliverables and assist you in the whole process of designing and developing your project via emails, Skype, FaceTime, or other online platform.
The studio was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2015. Since the beginning, the team has been geographically dispersed due to multiple residencies, so we always manage everything remotely and digitally. Currently, the studio as a legal entity is based in Indonesia, and we stick to UTC/GMT +8 /WITA/Singapore Time.
Our online services / design packages only include written communication/consultation via emails. We usually manage multiple projects at the same time and we are working with clients in different time zones. Based on our experience, written communication is the most efficient way, and this way, the clients are able to provide us with a very refined and thoughtful brief (not spontaneous) and we can significantly reduce revision rounds and give them a competitive price. If highly required, due to our time constraints and priorities, teleconference services or real-time phone/video calls are only available by appointment only, and the calls / meetings will incur additional fees on an hourly basis, and we will calculate the total time spent for the meetings and preparing the Meeting Minutes (as the tangible record of our verbal meetings). If you haven't engaged us formally or if your project account is inactive, you will need to book an appointment with us and pay in advance via PayPal for the hours / time duration that you would like to reserve. If your project is active, we will simply add the fees to your next invoice.
Regardless of your/project location, essentially our House Plans are technical architectural plans / drawing sets that already follow universal design standards. We are familiar with both imperial and metric measurement units. Also, all plans can still be modified / adjusted to a particular local standard in your city to ensure its permissibility, feasibility, and buildability. Once you obtain our drawing set, we suggest you to consult with a local builder or construction engineer and ask for their feedback on the design. Depending on the common construction methods and prevailing building codes applied to your land lot, usually the builders can use our architectural plans without making substantial changes to the design. They may execute some technical modification for construction purposes, e.g. change the thickness of the walls, roof structure, building materials, or design the foundation system, set the mechanical/electrical points, etc. In the process, you can still get back to us if you still need our services or feedback from an architectural point of view.
High-resolution floor plan / other architectural images with measurements are available for sale. We have 2 types of architectural plan / drawing packages that you can buy: Starter Kit and Original House Plan. You can either buy the Starter Kit package first or buy the Original House Plan package straightaway. If you are still comparing different designs, we might suggest the Starter Kit set first.
Yes, if you would like to make design changes or modify the plans, we offer design modification services, where we can work with you to determine exactly how to change the plan to meet your requirements. Rates vary depending on the size of the plan and complexity of changes, but even if you decide to make major changes to the plan, it’s still much cheaper than designing the house from scratch. At the end of the service, we will provide you with the modified / updated House Plans. If you would like to get an estimate for plan modifications, please contact us by email or fill out one of our House Plan order forms. For more information please see our How It Works page.
Yes, we can develop a combined / custom House Plan from 2 different house plans. We can even adjust the floor plan geometric of a building (height, width, positioning) while keeping / combining particular facade features. In this case, please give us your feedback on each house plan design so we know which design elements that you want to keep vs change (or combine). This will help us to decide on which Plan we will use as the base and find out how to integrate / accommodate your wish list. We also need to assess if it's going to involve major changes or not. For this, we will charge basic price set + modification services. The modification price depends on whether it’s considered as minor or major modification.
If you would like to order one of our House Plan packages, please fill out one of our order forms (you can find them in the website menu). After studying your request, we will send a Quote or Fee Proposal for your review. We will define the total fees, turnaround time / project timeline, deliverables, as well as our terms and conditions in this document. Prior to placing an order / asking for a Fee Proposal, please read our “How It Works” page first.
- Starter Kit Package: The turnaround time for most Starter Kit orders is 24 hours. Please allow 1-3 business days to anticipate weekends, public holidays or high traffic periods. - Original House Plan: Typically 1 week for basic set and 2 weeks for basic set + additional drawings. - Revision works, Modified House Plan and Custom Design: The exact turnaround time highly depends on the workload and complexity of the project, as well as the list of drawings / deliverables that you order. We need at least 2 weeks to do revisions / minor changes, 3-4 weeks for moderate revisions, and 1-2 months for major revisions or design from scratch.
Please provide us with a design brief in written or visual format via email. It can be just a simple list of requirements or tell us how you visualize your dream home / project. Rough notes / wish list, sketches with comments, photos/screenshots, or other files / external references will work for us. It’s okay if the information is not complete yet, we understand the current information can change and be updated later. Basically we just want to make sure that we have included most of the determining / important factors before we send you a quote.
Our current rates are 200 USD / hour and 300 USD / hour, during and outside normal business hours, respectively. We follow GMT/UTC +08:00 / WITA / SGT.
Yes, only if you purchase the CAD files, and only want to make super minor ad-hoc changes that won’t require our architectural expertise or specific design skills. In this case, you may engage a local draftsman, architect, or builder to modify the plans at your discretion, for the purpose of development, permit, or construction of your house only. But please keep in mind that our original Copyright notice must be retained on the modified drawings. Important note: Changes made to any house plan are legally considered to be “derivative works” of the architectural plan. As the owner of the Copyright of the house plan, only we as the creator of the original work are entitled to Copyright of derivative works. Any attempt by others to claim Copyright in derivative works would be a violation of Copyright Law.
The original plans are designed to meet the universal architectural standards, but they are not generated for a specific lot in a specific city, so we cannot warrant compliance with the local building code or regulation in your city. Each city, state, and country has specific building codes and regulations that may change / be updated from time to time. However, all of our plans can be modified and adapted to your local building codes and requirements. Your local building professionals, engineers, and builders may modify house plans to create detailed work drawings or their own technical plans for permit and construction purposes. We can also help you with this, but if engineering is required by your local building department or to adhere to local building practices (civil, mechanical electrical, plumbing), you will need to contact and hire them on your own. We provide ad-hoc Revision Packages, Permit Set Packages and Technical Coordination Services that you can order separately after you purchase a House Plan package. If you order a custom design service and you provide us with complete information regarding your project site and city codes, we will do our best to meet your local building codes. Prior to ordering plans, we strongly advise that you seek advice from a local building professional (home builder, local building official) to discuss local planning requirements. We authorize the use of our plans with the express condition that you will comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements and other applicable laws / regulations.
Building codes are safety regulations pertaining to how a building (commercial or residential) should be built. They are intended to protect both builders and home buyers from building an unsafe structure. Many restrictions, regulations and inspections are regionally required due to soil conditions, weather conditions, city planning, etc. Codes and requirements can change from time to time, and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There are some areas of the country that have very strict engineering codes and/or energy codes. If you are building in this type of area, it is possible that you will need to hire a local engineer to analyze the house and provide additional drawings and calculations required by your building department. If you aren't sure, building departments always have a handout they will give you listing everything you need to submit for a building permit.
Some cities and states require that a state-licensed architect or engineer review and "seal" a blueprint to unofficially approve it prior to construction after a compliance review is done. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of construction, we strongly advise that you consult your contractor and local building department to see if such a review is required.
Yes, you may ask for this service / package at your discretion. If you require a Permit Set as the next step of design (i.e. to fully assist you during the whole permit review process + multiple revision sets until you obtain the permit), we will quote this service separately. In this case, you have to provide sufficient information regarding site information, building code regulation, and other administrative requirements, etc, to us. Prior to ordering this package, you must contact and consult with a builder or permit expediter/reviewer first to help you navigate the permit process so you can formulate an effective design brief and raise the chances of the approval.
If you need additional drawings or adjust the plans for permit purposes, please provide us with a written Design Brief and some references regarding the building code requirements. We strongly suggest that you consult either with a builder, a local building professional, or a permit expediter / reviewing in your city, so you can prepare a comprehensive Design Brief / list of requirements. You may also buy our Starter Kit first that you can show to / discuss with your local building professional, so they can know your intention. Once you submit your Design Brief to us, we will estimate the workload, send you a quote / fee proposal, and work with you to make the required changes.
We provide you with the digital copies of our house plan sets (not hard copies), including the use license of the copyrighted house plans. Most house plan packages are also bespoke / custom made designs and drawings based on your specific, unique requirements, which require design / drafting processes as part of our architectural design & consultation services. We also always ask for your approval prior to payment processing. Therefore, for those reasons, all of our architectural products and services are considered as final sales and are not eligible for return, refund or exchange. Please be sure of your selection or contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering.
For administrative purposes, we can help you to produce 2 or more versions of drawings, showing different development phases, so you can proceed with the permit & construction separately. But for planning purposes, we prefer to see all buildings/elements as one integrated project and have a comprehensive plan in advance, in order to avoid patchy design and achieve the optimal solutions prior to permit/construction stage (If you have a full plan, you can also ask for complete estimates from your prospective builders and local engineers, and chances are, you can negotiate a better deal although you will build them in stages).
Yes! The basic set includes 3D renderings. In fact, if you order modification services, we will include updated 3D renderings in the new set. It is important for you to have the ability to visualize the 3D exterior and interior architecture of your future home during the design, planning, and decision making process (not only 2D plans), so you can experience the feel of the building and anticipate/detect unfavorable design-related elements (or cost-related) in advance prior to construction or permit.
For general specifications, we only calculate the square footage of the heated areas and exclude some areas e.g. porches, patios, sunrooms, screened porches, bonus rooms, garages, and attic or basement bonus. In some designs with a finished basement plan, the basements may be considered in the square footage (or as living space).
It depends on the complexity of your project. But in general, there will be at least 3 important milestones as follows: - Schematic / Conceptual Stage - Design Refinement Stage & Design Freeze - Final Design / Drawing Preparation & Delivery Please see our How It Works page for more details.
Yes, we have a service for this at an additional cost. But since the changes won’t affect the design in general, we recommend that you buy our modifiable CAD plans and work with the builder directly or a local professional on the measurement changes, to avoid unnecessary costs on your side.
Yes. Since this is a request on a room-by-room basis and highly related to interior design, we will offer an interior design package to you.
Generally, the roof pitch, design, and height can be adjusted or redesign as per your requirements. But since some plans have a complex and distinctive design, the roof changes / redesign work may be considered as major changes and require a thorough redesign process. Please consult with us first regarding the possibilities and fee estimates for this service.
Plan modification pricing varies depending on the size of your house and the complexity of the design. It also depends on how many plan sheets need to be redesigned, or if you need additional drawings from us. The fee for minor changes starts at 100 – 700 USD (plus plan purchase), while fee for moderate-to-major revisions starts at 1,000-2,000 USD or more, depending on the factors stated above. The modification service fees might be more expensive than the original pre-designed house plans, because this is a custom-made / bespoke service and we charge normal design rates. But still, the total price would be a lot cheaper than what we typically charge for custom home design. Please see our current price list for more info.
Accurate cost estimation / calculation can only be made by your Local Builder who will be more familiar with local construction methods, the building site ground profile, labor costs, logistics, or material procurement and supply chain. Generalizing the cost/sq ft estimates can be misleading. Costs to build a landed house per square foot will vary across cities / countries, and different builders in the same city can even quote differently for the same house design, depending on their experience, project volume, package, and license category. Based on our experience, if you are planning to build our design locally, it’s best to use our architectural drawings to get a bid / cost estimate from several builders, assess and compare their construction offers, and then appoint the most suitable builder to build the house. And if you need to reduce the costs, you can change some details/building methods/materials so the same design can fit your budget.
We, as architects, prefer not to do general cost/square feet estimates, because this can limit your possibilities of producing a good, reasonable / sensible design. We don’t take profits from construction costs, so our job is purely to assist you and deliver a good architectural design that suits your preferences and budget, and help you to save your time and money with good planning, not the other way around. Generalizing the cost/sq ft estimates can be misleading because the cost to build can vary greatly, and different builders in the same city can even quote differently for the same house design. So it’s best to ask a builder directly for cost-to-build estimates. If you still have the control to reduce the costs, and we can help to adjust the square footage, the details, the materials, etc, so the same design can fit your budget (if you are free to do this with your builder, or get back to us to revise the design).
Estimated design fees for residential / commercial building design is 2 - 4 USD / sq ft. We This range of price will include basic architectural services, 2D and 3D basic plan sets. We will, however, review the workload on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us to get precise estimates.
Yes, we will charge percentage-based professional fees, or hourly-based fees, depending on the scale of the project. In a full package, we will be fully responsible for regulatory and technical aspects of the architectural design, lead the coordination team, represent the client during permit review processes, etc. Here we will include design services with unlimited revisions, unlimited 3D visualization services, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Design Development set for coordination purposes (not partial set), Permit Set, Tender and Construction documents, site visit, full coordination services and project supervision, etc. We will also request for reimbursement, if there are out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us on behalf of the owner, such as long-distance travel and communications, reproduction of contract documents, and authorized overtime premiums, etc. Please contact us to get precise estimates.
Once you have approved our Fee Proposal, please notify us so we can draw up a schedule for your project, and please make a full or deposit payment as per contractual terms / details stated in the Fee Proposal. We see payment confirmations or receipts as simple tokens of approval / confirmation to move forward to the next milestones / stages. Upon receipt of payment, we will activate your project and start working with you.
Not really. For us, since we are offering online services and we might reside in different countries, signing the proposal is not compulsory and not automatically binding as we only see your payments / receipts / monetary transactions as the real signs / tokens of approval. But for administrative purposes on your side, you can sign it and send it back to us.
Basically, all sales are final on copyrighted house plans, and no refunds, returns, or exchanges will be granted once you have received your plans, or if our services have been rendered. Deposit payments for architectural / modification / custom design services are also non-refundable. If you cancel the order in the middle of the work / service, we will send an invoice only for the service that has been rendered on a pro-rata basis at the time of cancelation. If you haven’t received your files and we haven’t started working on your project yet, you may ask for a different package of design or house plan design. In this case, we will reserve the right to revise our Fee Proposal or reinvoice as we see fit.
If you buy and have fully paid our House Plans, we will automatically grant you a Non-Exclusive Personal Single Use License under your name as homeowners (as a registered purchaser of a plan). You are only allowed to build one house once in one particular location (or address). If you are planning to build multiple houses, or use our design and drawings for commercial purposes (advertising, marketing, etc), you will need to buy a Multiple-Use License or Commercial License certificate from us at an additional cost. We will need to produce the certificate and labels on the drawings to avoid misuse of our plans, stating your name and the parties involved, type of project, project address, the maximum allowable number of house units to be built and replicated using the same design, and the validity period of the license.
We accept online payments via PayPal. You can make payment directly from your PayPal account, or you can request us to send a PayPal Invoice. You can then view the invoice details and securely pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or PayPal Credit. Please visit PayPal website for more information here:
Yes, if you are a recurring or repeat client, and depending on where you live, we also accept Transferwise or bank/wire transfer. In any case, please contact us for details to see if you are eligible.
If you decide to purchase an Original House Plan package within 30 days from the date of a Starter Kit Package payment, you are eligible for a discount equal to the price of the starter kit, deducted from the basic set fee. However, this discount does not apply to the Modified House Plan package (if you require to modify the plans / customize the design) or if you would like to purchase different plans. There is no discount applied to Modified / Custom House Plan Package, but you could negotiate by reducing the scope of work or customize your order (e.g. excluding 3D renderings or some architectural drawings that you don't need), so our fees meet your budget. Please do consult with us regarding this as we assess this on a case-by-case basis to ensure that changing the scope of work will not reduce the quality of our work.
You will find a statement about the validity period of our Fee Proposal in section “Fees and Work Structure”. Before the validity expires, please do let us know asap if you would like to proceed, because we need to draw up a schedule and make sure that the time slot is still available for your project. Otherwise, we will need to close your file or revise our offer as soon as that proposal validity period expires.
Basically, the payment terms depend on the package of your choice and complexity of the project. For Original House Plan projects, we will require a one-time payment. For modified House Plan and custom projects, the fees will be paid in stages. In this case, we will require a non-refundable deposit payment prior to working on your project.
Unfortunately no, you must fully pay for services rendered to get our vector copies (i.e. PDF and CAD) and the associated Use License. This applies for all packages. If you take a modification / custom package, during the final review, we will always send a high resolution preview of the drawing set in raster / non-vector format. The image quality / resolution would be good enough for you to see the details and make the final decision. This drawing preview set is a proof that the service has been rendered / executed as per your order and the end product / final drawing set is ready to be sent to you. After the last payment, you still have a quota of 1x free minor revision service. So don’t worry if you need to make further refinements / corrections later.
Orders for house plan packages, architectural services, or custom architectural products may be placed online on our website by filling out one of our Order Forms or by email. Please read our How It Works page prior to ordering.
Yes, we will engage you in the design process, either for modification works or new design from scratch. In the first weeks, we will focus on the conceptual design and then show you the schematic plans just to make sure that everything is ok before we go further. You may give us feedback until you are happy with the design, approve the concept, and decide to proceed with the final house plan drawings (we call this Design Freeze). We will develop the new House Plan set (technical ARCH-D size drawings) only based on this Design Freeze / Approved Layout, in order to avoid major revisions at the end of the process (revising the drawings set in a later time would be a lot costlier).
Pre-designed house plans are modifiable architectural plan templates. The prices for pre-designed plans are naturally cheaper, and if you need modifications, the turnaround time is faster because the 2D and 3D models of the house design have been previously set. In this package, can skip a significant time needed for exploring design options/generating the 2D - 3D model/files from scratch. So, we only charge for the digital files, Personal Use License and Modification / Revision fees (if you need to make changes). This is a quantitative / task-based work and the process is very straightforward.
In the Custom Design Package, either for new residential or bespoke / major modification projects, we need to go through a process that we call the “Zero-to-One” design process. We have to research / think / develop / design everything from scratch: the idea, the layout, the options/permutations, the facades, the style, analyzing the site and the associated building codes (if any), as well as generating the new 2D and 3D modelling sets, as per your requirement / design brief. This is a qualitative work, requiring lots of intense back-and-forth design processes. So naturally, this service will take longer and be more expensive.
Yes. You can ask for a bespoke package and the fees will be estimated after we hear about your requirements. Please email us directly for details.
All of our house plans and design are protected by copyrights. Without a Use License, reproduction of our house plans, either in whole or in part, including any form and/or preparation of derivative works, for any reason without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years. Willful infringement could cause settlements for statutory damages up to $100,000 plus attorney fees, damages and loss of profits. We would suggest contacting us directly if you would like to use our design or plans for whatever reasons.
We will send the digital format / soft copies of your House Plan via email or online file-sharing platform (DropBox, Google Drive), with a license allowing you to make your own copies locally (We provide a tag indicating your license, name, and address on each page of the digital files). There two print options: - Vector PDF format, which you can save to your hard drive, print from your plotter or at a local print shop / center (e.g. FedEx Office, UPS Store, Staples). You can print to scale from the digital PDF and you may print as many copies as needed for development, permit, or construction purposes. This file, however, cannot be modified. - CAD format, available in AutoCAD DWG format, which is very practical if you would like to make changes on your own or for technical coordination purposes with many parties involved in the development / construction processes: e.g. your builder, engineers (civil, landscape, MEP), or a local architect and engineer to seal the plans (if required). Since CAD files are very easy to be modified and distributed, we are not responsible for changes made to plans by any other party.
- Single-Use License: The design depicted in the plan licensed may be built one (1) time; should you wish to build it again, you can obtain another Single-Use License at an additional cost, each subsequent build. A Single-Use License is most appropriate for homeowners or builders who do not intend to build the plan multiple times. - Multiple-Use License: The home depicted in the plan licensed may be built multiple times. An Unlimited-Build License is most appropriate for builders who intend to build the plan multiple times, or real estate / property developers. By default, Single-Use License is included in all House Plan packages (Original, Modified, and Custom), and you can upgrade to Multiple-Use License at an additional cost. For both Single- and Multiple Use Licenses, you must inform us the address of where the house is going to be built and your full name (or company name if you are a corporate entity). Failing to do so invalidates your License.
When ordering a house plan from us you will receive a Use License that gives you certain rights: - You may modify the plan or have a qualified local professional modify the plan at your discretion. Our original Copyright notice must be retained on the modified drawings. - You may make additional copies of the house plan as needed for construction or technical coordination only. - You may build the home based upon the house plan purchased.
No. You may contact and consult with local engineers / contractors / builders in your city regarding these technical plans. It’s best to get advice from local engineers due to their local expertise and ability to analyze the existing condition of your property on site. Regarding Landscape, Civil, Landscape, MEP works, the plans should be provided by local MEP engineers or the builders in your city due to their local expertise and ability to analyze the existing condition of your property on site. Once you give our architectural drawings to them, they will be able to understand the direction of the design, then verify & calculate the technical/structural/mechanical aspects, and generate their own plans prior to construction. They may also advise to make changes, if there is a technical complication related to a certain finding on site (soil types, for example). Later you can still contact us if you need ad-hoc technical coordination, or adjust the design due to technical reasons.
Our architectural plan set will include some suggestions, but these are architectural drawings - meaning that we generate the plans purely from architectural expertise. Once you give our architectural drawings to the respective engineers that you appoint locally, they will be able to understand the direction of the design, then verify & calculate the technical/structural/mechanical aspects, and generate their own plans prior to construction. They may also advise to make changes, if there is a technical complication related to a certain finding on site (soil types, for example). Later you can still contact us if you need ad-hoc technical coordination, or adjust the design due to technical reasons.
This information is not included because of the huge variation in local codes and systems available to the customer. Qualified HVAC contractors, plumbers, and electricians know the local codes and can easily add this information to the working drawings we provide.
Since we are providing pre-designed house plans that can be modified (as templates), there is flexibility in terms of structure or construction methods. For example, if you are planning to build a steel home, a prefab house, or concrete house, we would advise you to buy our Starter Kit set first, then consult with a local specialized builder / contractor in your city. Using our drawings, they will be able to give you some inputs regarding the skeletons of the house, and tell you if you need to change certain modules or sizes in our design to accommodate the structure that you prefer. If you eventually need to change the design, or maybe only the wall or floor thickness, some sizes or heights, you can always get back to us and ask for modification services.
After we deliver the digital files to you, you may ask for 1x free Minor Revision or Refinement service within 3 business days from that delivery time / date, as long as the request is still in line with our terms and conditions. The revision work will be considered minor as long as the request only affects up to 20% part of the design and drawings. Usually we are quite flexible, but we will assess your requests on a case by case basis, just to make sure that the workload is still within the free quota.
The plan is reversed with all text reading correctly. If you want to build one of our House Plans but you prefer the mirrored version of it (maybe due to building codes or site orientation), we can help you to reverse the original plan / drawings and physically adjust all the text, dimensions, annotations (all writings and symbols) to read legibly at an additional cost, so the sets will be in right-reading reverse. Otherwise, your builder or local building professionals may use the original House Plans to reproduce their own version of reverse plans at your own risk and discretion.
Please contact and consult with several local Builders and get price quotes from different Builders. In many cases, depending on the size of your project and where you build it, your local Builder can help you organise everything, including building permit. In some cities, if homeowners are required to apply for a permit on their own, you may need to contact a permit expediter or reviewer to help you navigate the permit process and ensure the permissibility of our plans/design.
Yes! All of our plans, digital files, and images are protected by Copyright law. Since we synthesize the architectural design through our creative design processes, and produce the drawings using our resources, we will receive 2 levels of work protection: (1) for the design of the building as embodied in our drawings, sketches, or plans; (2) for the architectural products themselves (digital & physical): blueprints, house plans / architectural plans, sketches, 3D renderings, etc, as the material form or expressions of the ideas or concepts. Please refer to Title 17 of the United States Codes / Copyright Law, Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), Deutsches Urheberrecht (UrhG), and Copyright Act (Cap. 63) of Singapore, regarding this matter.
Unfortunately, copyright does not protect ideas, information, concepts or sets of project briefs / requirements. But copyright does protect the form of expressions / material form of the idea itself, i.e. our 2D and 3D architectural drawings and plans. If you need Unlimited / Multiple Use License from us, please do let us know to avoid copyright infringement, either online or offline. It is not a matter of profit, but safety. We want to make sure that you will use our design, drawings, plans, and materials as intended, not for something that we don’t plan to.
Please do let us know if you are planning to download or use our website content for whatever reasons. We will review your request on a case-by-case basis. All plans and images displayed on our website are protected by copyright, so you can be potentially accused of copyright infringement, especially if you use our content to gain monetary and non-monetary profits, commercial purposes, or website / social media traffic. We also cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results if you use our online content without our permission. We commit to be truthful, act with integrity and honor, and do the right thing. So we expect that you will do the same to us, whoever you are.
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