Tiny Cabin House Plan


Small Modern Cabin House Plan with a loft bedroom. It is approximately 750 sq ft (gross area). The design features a loft sleeping area, one bath, living dining area with open concept, and a spacious kitchen.

Tiny House Design and Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

The Design

We designed this modern cabin house plan with a tiny house concept in mind. You can build this as an off-grid independent house in a countryside area. It is also suitable for urban housing, or functioning as a guest or mother-in-law suite or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). You can also use this design to expand your house by adding a small detached building at the back of your house.

There are two levels. The ground floor hosts a living dining area, a bathroom, and a separate kitchen. The sleeping area is on the loft level. The upper loft can also function as an office studio. 

This modern cabin house plan is suitable for a flat land. The design accentuates a seamless flow and visual connection between outdoor and indoor spaces, which makes this small cabin feel more airy, spacious, yet homey and relaxing.

Both the living room and kitchen have double glass patio doors to outdoor decks, and we suggest having an outdoor seating area with a fire pit for entertaining. There is also a big window on the left side of the house overlooking the landscape (or garden if you want to build it in an urban property). If required, a mirrored plan is also available.

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan

Modern Cabin House Plan





Starter Kit Packages

A Starter Kit is a Schematic / Conceptual Set of the original design, in .PDF file format (non-vector files). The set includes floor plans, roof plan, 4-side elevations, and building sections of the original design (no design modifications) at a smaller scale (A3 or ANSI B paper size). This set of schematic drawings will come with measurements/sizes, room annotations, basic area calculation, etc, so it will be useful if you want to know more about the design prior to buying the architectural House Plans (especially if you want to make changes). If you are interested in purchasing the schematic / conceptual set before ordering the blueprint / House Plan set, please order the Starter Kit through this link:

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House Plan Packages – Basic Plan Set (Original / Modified Design)

The blueprint / House Plan is available for purchase, either the original design or modified version. We can modify the architectural design and drawings to suit your needs. For example: reshape and resize the house so it can fit your land, rearrange the rooms and internal layout to fit your family needs and requirements, or modify the facade design, windows and roof.

The basic plan set is available in vector PDF and DWG/CAD formats and comes with the following items:

  • Floor Plans 
  • Roof Plan
  • 4-side Building Elevations
  • Building Sections (min. 2)
  • Exterior and/or Interior Rendering Images (min. 10 – 15 views)
  • A Non-Exclusive Personal Single Use License

Additional drawings and other architectural design services are available if needed; e.g. additional drawings such as foundation plan, electrical plans, ceiling plans, site plan, etc.

Costs to build the house per square foot varies depending on several factors. Usually you can use our basic house plan or drawing set to obtain an initial cost estimate from a local builder in your city / country. Furthermore, if you buy our house plans, you can always customize the original design and plans to suit your preferences and budget (e.g. change the layout and square footage, modify door-window types and sizes, change some architectural material finishes, etc).

If you are interested in purchasing the House Plan and want to get a quote / fee proposal from us, please fill out our Order Form via this link:

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We also offer architectural services to make custom / bespoke designs. If you would like to get a quote / estimates from us, please use this link to place an order:

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