Container House Plan


Archistock / House Plan #000-005: Modern Minimalist Container House Plan

Our Modern Minimalist Container House Plan is approximately 340 sq ft (gross area). We design it with a minimalist and tiny living in mind. Most of the furniture is built-in. We tend to use sliding doors that can always open all day to emphasize spaciousness. The design of this container house features a private sleeping area with a study nook, spacious bathroom with shower, large functional kitchen with a dining area, a seating area with sofa, and ample of storage space. It’s quite a steal considering its tiny size, isn’t it?

Material-wise, we tend to use light color scheme / finishes as white paint and light oak for the interior. If you want it to be homier and less industrial, we suggest to apply wood cladding on the exterior walls. Alternatively, you can use the original skin of the container and simply paint it. Both light and dark tones shall work.

Container Home Plan


Interior / Exterior Material  Finishes

This modern minimalist container house plan also feels more spacious thanks to its seamless outdoor-indoor flow / layout. We provide a large outdoor patio on the front side, as well as a smaller deck on the back side next to kitchen. Both decks are with large sliding patio doors that you can leave open during the day. There is also a big window at the bedroom overlooking the landscape.

If you are hosting guests, the outdoor becomes a part of your home. We suggest to have an outdoor seating area with a fire pit for entertaining at the front.


Simple and Affordable Structure

To build this small living unit, you would only need one 40’ x 8’ x 8’-6” container with a 1-side door opening. This type of container is pretty common and economical. You can either buy a second hand one or a brand new one, depending on availability and prices. This modern minimalist container house plan is suitable for a flat land. Simple foundation / footings or concrete slab system shall work.


Purchasing this Modern Minimalist Container House Plan

This house plan is available for pre-order / purchase, either the original design or with design modifications (custom). We can modify the architectural design and drawings, e.g. reshape and resize the house so it can fit your land, rearrange the rooms and internal layout to fit your family needs, modify the windows and roof, as well as change / add the garage (including its location) or add a full basement. Mirrored plan is also available. 


The Basic Plan Set

The basic plan set is available in vector .pdf and/or .dwg formats. The set includes the following drawings:

  • Floor Plans 
  • Roof Plan
  • 4-side Building Elevations
  • Building Sections (min. 2)
  • Exterior and/or Interior Rendering Images (min. 10)
  • A Non-Exclusive License for 1x personal use

Custom plan sets / other drawing packages are available if you need additional drawings e.g. foundation plan, electrical plans, site plan, interior drawings, etc; or if you require a specific plan set for permit application / other purposes.

Costs to build the house per square foot will vary across cities and countries, depending on several factors, e.g. building materials / products that you select, the location and site condition where you want to build it, types of structural system / foundation, whether you need design modification or local permit, etc. Usually you can use our basic house plan / drawing set to obtain an initial cost estimate from a local builder in your city / country. Furthermore, if you buy our house plans, you can always adjust the original design and drawings to suit your budget.


How It Works and Pricing

Please read our How It Works page for more information. If you want to estimate our design fees, please check our current Price List.

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We also offer architectural services to design and develop a custom house plan. For inquiries regarding pricing, what are included in the drawing set, and info on how we work, please contact or write an email directly to us. If you’ve got all the information in hands and would like to get a quote from us, please use this form to place a custom design order:

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